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Latest News: Round 5 of the ‘British’ Rallycross Championship, Kent

Revivals Race Team had a nice trip down to Kent at the weekend for Round 5 of the ‘British’ Rallycross Championship. Although the team had to conquer some complications with Pauls MG ZS’s clutch breaking two days before the event they still managed to pull it out of the bag and repair it just in time to make the race event.

Paul & Shelley were competing against each other again in the British Supernational class. Shelley had three great heats finishing 7th, 8th and another 8th in heat three, these were her three best results in the British class this year and qualified her joint 8th with the Citroen C2 for the B final and off the middle on the front row. After getting the MG fixed so the clutch was working correctly, Paul then had a few grip issues, which he dealt with well but caused him a few poor positions in his heats so he quailed behind Shelley in the B final in 5th position. The duo made a good start between them with Shelley getting up into 4th through the first bend & Paul hot on her heels. Shelley was chasing the 3rd placed turbo charged Escort but as he was taking his last lap through the chicane he turned too soon and launched himself off the curbing in front of Shelley, she had to take a dramatic action turning right on to the infield and loosing a load of positions as she came on she was then in 6th which is where she stayed until the chequered flag was waved on the next lap. Paul drove a great race and kept his head and finished up in 5th.

Richard also had a great days racing, he had a 2nd, 1st and then another 1st in his third heat. With such great positions and times he qualified on pole for the final. The lights flashed and he made his usual lightening start and charged to the first corner up front with the others charging after him. The boys behind gave chase but they couldn’t catch him and Richard took the win and the top spot in the 2011 Edwardes Brothers Minicross Championship. With just one round to go to decide the title it will be an exciting last race at Knockhill in a couple of weeks time.

Shelley had three great heats

Latest News: Round 4, Blyton Park Race Centre, Lincolnshire

Revivals Motorsport Team travelled to Blyton in North Lincolnshire for Round 4 of the Edwardes Brothers Rallycross Championship. The team were out in full force with Richard Wakeling in his 1300 Minicross racer, Paul Wakeling in the Team built MG ZS and Shelley Wakeling in her Honda Civic Type R both competing in the Super Modified Championship.

Richard started his day brilliantly, with a 2nd in his first heat, he then stormed through to the chequered flag in the 2nd & then took another well battled 2nd place in his third & final heat. Three great results saw him qualify 2nd for the final & taking the centre slot on the front row. The lights came on & the revs were high, Richard charged away as the lights went out. He made a fantastic start along side pole sitter Tommi Edwardes who also got away brilliantly. Richard didn’t have the legs & slotted in behind Tommi through the first chicane. He chased him hard leaving an orange blur in Tommis mirror, giving a great race but Tommi was quick and didn’t make a single mistake. Richard took the 2nd place on the podium giving him more great points for the overall Championship where he’s lies 2nd overall.

Paul followed true to Revivals form and took a win in his first heat, a 3rd in his second and running 3rd in his final heat, he made a slight mistake on the top corner causing him to go wide and let the 4th placed BMW take advantage and slip up the inside. He charged after the BMW but the BMW kept his lines tight with Paul hot on his heels, however the positions stayed the same and Paul took fourth.

The team were definitely performing well as Shelley also had three great heats. She took two wins in her first two outings & then off the back row in her final heat she slotted into last position through the first chicane but chasing hard she kept on taking places back throughout the four laps and managed a fantastic 3rd as the chequered flag was waved.

The results for the super modified class for Paul & Shelley get added together on times, making their overall positions for the final joint 4th with fellow driver Kenny Hall, however as the result came through on count back it meant Shelley ended up in 6th position, off the back of the grid and Paul in 5th on the second row. The lights flashed & they were off Paul made a blistering start & shocked the front row by charging passed them all. However the pole positioned turbo diesel Audi TT took a late lunge into the chicane causing a coming together between both the MG & Audi which unfortunately saw Paul come off worse. Paul gathered the car up but was then back in 7th, but he charged back after the field picking off several of the other drivers & made a brilliant finish in 4th passed the chequered flag. Shelley finished in 5th just behind her brother.

Great results for the team.

Round 5 of the Edwardes Brothers Championship is in a couple of week’s time back at Blyton Race Park. Richard will be flying solo at this event as Paul & Shelley wont be competing because they have Round 5 of the British Rallycross Championship at the end of the month at Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Kent.

Latest News: May 2011, Round 1, Blyton Park Race Centre, Lincolnshire

Richard & Shelley Wakeling were competing at Blyton Park Race Centre for the first round of the British Clubmans Championship’. Richard was shaking down his Orange 469 Mini & Shelley was back out in her Honda Civic Type R.

Richard had three cracking heats, finishing 5th in the first, winning the second & 4th in the 3rd & final heat qualifying him 2nd position for the final & in the centre of the front row. He made a great start & slide through the chicane in first. He was being hounded by 2nd place Tommi Edwardes, Richard just made a slight mistake off the top corner making his exit a fraction slower than Tommy’s & Tommy pounced, they raced down to the chequered flag side by side but Tommy had the line, which pushed Richard back to 2nd, still a cracking result from Round 1.

Richard Wakeling driving his Orange 469 Mini

Richard Wakeling on the front row at Blyton Park Race Centre

Richard Wakeling racing at Blyton Park Race Centre

Shelley didn’t have quite so much luck, she made a great start in her first heat & was chasing for first place but a shove from behind pushed her straight into the Armco, the Honda came to rest in the centre field & had to be towed back to the paddock. Shelley’s team, Terry Booty, Wayne Bluett & her father Richard did a fantastic job straightening the car and amazingly she was just ready for her second heat. Off the front in this one she charged to the corner first & took the chequered flag with ease. Her third heat also finished with no dramas & she qualified joint 5th for the final. She was on the 2nd row of the grid, the lights flashed & off they raced. She got straight into 4th position but although there was a lot of hard chasing for third, she took the flag in 4th.

Shelley had then qualified for the Super Final being one of the fastest top 8 of the day. Again she was off the 2nd row of the grid, this time when the lights flashed she stormed passed the front row & straight into 2nd place. She chased after the leader but he held his lead so she crossed the line in second.

Next British round will see the team return to Blyton Park in a couple of weeks for the annual night race.

Latest News: April 2011, Round 1, Lydden Hill, Kent

Revivals Race Team travelled down to Lydden Hill in Kent at the weekend for the first round of the British Rallycross Championship. Brother & Sister Paul & Shelley Wakeling are both competing in the 2011 British Super National Class.

Paul is racing the team built MG ZS with the 3.2ltr Mercedes super charged engine & Shelley was out in her Honda Civic Type R, which she won the 2010 BTRDA Rallycross Championship. It’s going to be a learning year for them both in the new class, but one they cant wait to get started in.

Saturday morning started well with timed practise, in which the siblings qualified in separate heats. Shelley was first off, the lights flashed & she was away she kept it nice tidy & finished 3rd. Paul was next up, he made a great start & had a good first race with a brilliant 2nd position.

Heat 2 saw Paul & Shelley on the same grid. Paul on the inside & Shelley on the outside. The lights flashed & Pauls rear wheel drive got away brilliantly, he was up into 2nd straight away. Shelley being on the outside took her turn & did the joker lap, with the Mitsubishi chasing. Paul was having great fun chasing after 1st place & on the last lap decided to take his joker but Shelley just about timed it right & managed to squeeze out in front of Paul, they took the chequered flag in 2nd & 3rd positions.

Heat 3 again saw the pair in the same race & same grid positions. As the lights came on both got away fantastically, Paul straight into 2nd place around Chessons & Shelley again being on the outside took her joker lap first, half way round the joker though the BMW behind decided to help Shelley on her way & hit her into the barriers. The Honda a little upset after its spin wouldn’t restart instantly & Shelley sat for a good 10 seconds before the car started again, unfortunately by this time the race was lost. Paul however had a good race & finished taking the chequered flag in 3rd, however the BMW that took Shelley out got a time penalty which gave Paul a better finishing position.

The final came & Paul had qualified a brilliant 4th on the 2nd row of the grid, great for his first time in the car, Shelley was behind in 6th position. As the lights went out & the power was put down, Paul made a great start & got straight up into 5th, he had a fantastic battle for 4th , just on the last corner Paul made a fantastic move up the inside of Allan Tapscotts Vauxhall Corsa & took the chequered flag in 4th!! Shelley’s final wasn’t quite as successful although she made a good start right up behind her brother she chased after him for half a lap until Paul took his joker, she was then up to 3rd position until she hit a break in the track which bent her front hub causing her to have to retire from the race. Mixed result with a fantastic result for Paul returning to Rallycross & Shelley hoping to get back in there at the round.

Next event in a couple of weeks time sees the pairs father Richard Wakeling also competing in his 2010 Minicross car after a few upgrades that have taken place over the winter he will be hoping to definitely be a contender in the 2011 MInicross Championship. The Revivals Racing team are hoping all three will be competing in the next event.

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