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Revivals Motorsport 2016

Revivals Race team will be competing in a large array of sporting disciplines this year, from Rallycross, sprinting & grass tracking.

Richard & Shelley Wakeling will be competing in the MDA/BTRDA 2016 Rallycross Championship in their classic minis. The events will take them all over England with two events being held abroad. Please see below for the 2016 championship dates.

Richard & Paul Wakeling will be competing in the 2016 MDA sprint championship at Blyton Park. Richard will be using his classic mini with Paul in his Westfield. Paul has up rated some features on his Westfield so is keen to see how it performs this year.

Mark Day & Shelley Wakeling will be competing in the 2016 Autograss Championship. Mark Day has spent a lot of time building his Class 5 mini with a 1400 8v Vauxhall engine mounted in the back over the last few years. He has decided for 2016 a mini traveler body would suit the structure a lot better & is going through the process of getting the car ready for the start of the season in April. Keep up to date on the build on the ‘Revivals news page’

2016 Dates


  1. Practise day February 28th Blyton Park
  2. Round 1 March 13th Blyton Park
  3. Round 2&3 April 16th & 17th Pembrey
  4. Round 4&5 July 2nd & 3rd Pembrey
  5. European July 9th & 10th Holland
  6. European July 16th & 17th Belgium
  7. Round 6 October 16th Blyton Park

Sprint Championship

  1. Round 1&2 June 18th & 19th Blyton Park
  2. Round 3 September 11th Blyton Park


  1. Round 1 April 10th St.Neots
  2. Round 2 April 24th Cambridge
  3. British Round 1 April 30th & May 1st
  4. Round 3 May 8th St.Neots
  5. Round 4 May 22nd Cambridge
  6. Round 5 June 12th St.Neots
  7. British Round 2 June 25th & 26th
  8. Round 6 July 3rd Cambridge
  9. British Round 3 July 16th & 17th St.Neots
  10. Nationals August 6th & 7th
  11. British Round 4 August 20th & 21st
  12. Round 7&8 September 10th & 11th St.Neots
  13. British Round 5 September 17th & 18th
  14. Round 9 September 25th Cambridge
  15. Round 10 October 9th St.Neots

Revivals Motorsport 2014

Revivals Rallycross Team builds & maintains five Rallycross cars. One classic Mini, three BMW Minis, a Honda Civic Type R & a MG ZS with a Mercedes 3.2cc super charged engine.

Our Classic Mini which is raced by Revivals Boss Richard Wakeling the ‘2012 Minicross Champion’. This is his ‘Blue, green & white’ Minicross Car number 469. He will be competing in the Minicross 2013 Sprint Championship and also abroad in over seas challenge in July in Belgium & Holland.

Two BMW minis will raced by Brothers Thomas & George Edwardes from ‘EDWARDES BROTHERS LTD’ (Based in Kent). Boys both have brilliant back grounds in the Rallycross world. George won the Minicross Championship in 2011 & finished 2nd in the 2012 BMW Rallycross Championship. Thomas won the MInicross Championship in 2012 followed by a 3rd overall in the 2012 season. George will be back out in his white & blue number 37 BMW Mini. Thomas is having a BMW built for the class in 2013. He has stripped the road going BMW, for REVIVALS to then finish it off with roll cage & all the necessary modifications for the up & coming championship.

The 3rd BMW Mini which is also being converted from a road going into Rallycross spec, will be hired & driven by Todd Crooks. Todd comes from Minicross and finished a brilliant 2nd in the 2012 Minicross Championship.

The team’s 4th car is a converted road going Honda Civic Type R which the team built for Shelley in 2009. After a great first season in the car in 2009 where Shelley finished 3rd in the Pro Car 2000 class Shelley took the Championship win in 2010 & also became the first lady Driver to ever win a ‘Gold Star’ award from the British Trials & Rally Drivers Association (BTRDA). 2011 saw Shelley step up to the ‘British Super National’ Class, where she was competing against her brother Paul. She had a great learning year in 2011. 2012 the team fitted a super charger to the Honda half way through the season. The super charger worked brilliantly, however an unfortunate roll over at Lydden Hill ended Shelley’s day early. Shelley finished 2012 in 8th position which wasn’t a bad result considering she missed 3 out of the 6 rounds. 2013 sees a few more modifications taking place to the Honda.

The final car is the most unique which is built to the British Super Modified specification MG ZS, with a fibre glass body & 3.2ltr super charged Mercedes AMG engine which will be raced by Paul Wakeling in the 2013 in the British Rallycross Championship. Paul had a brilliant start to 2012 but unfortunately the gearbox blew at round 5, which Paul then missed the final round. However he stilled finished an impressive 4th overall in the British Championship.

Rallycross takes place on a combination of tarmac and gravel surfaces, which makes for excellent racing & viewing for spectators. The main Championship takes place in Great Britain over eight Rounds, with two crossing the water one in Belgium & the other in Ireland. The British events are run by Lydden Motor Hill Club & the MDA Edwardes Bros Minicross Championship is run by the Minicross Drivers Association.

Please view the calendars below which outline the events the Revivals team will be taking part in this season. Richard Wakeling will be competing in the MDA Sprint Challenge + two European Events in Belgium & Holland. Paul & Shelley Wakeling, George & Tom Edwardes & Todd Crooks will all be competing in the British Rallycross Events.

The cars and drivers:

Please click on a driver name below to take a more in depth look into their previous success in Motorsport and aims for the up & coming season.

Category Driver Car
Super National & Minicross Shelley Wakeling Honda Civic Type-R & Rover Mini
Sprinting Paul Wakeling Westfield
Minicross Richard Wakeling Rover Mini

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