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Revivals Garage and Rallycross News

2017 is starting slowly for the Rallycross season as Richard & Shelley Wakeling have had a busy start to the year with running the Revivals garage, service & repairs. Shelley has been lucky enough to have been offered a shared drive in a class 6 Auto grass car by Andy Hall painting in Thaxted. Shelley’s first outing on the 23rd April was a slow start by a 2nd place in the final ended in a great result for her first go.

Richard & shelley will be attending their usual European Rallycross adventure this year where they hope to have good success in Belgium & Holland.

Mark Day is taking a year out while he repairs his Auto grass class 5 mini & concentrating on running the Revivals business & squeezing in a little bit of home projects!

2017 Dates


  • 23rd April Cambridge
  • 14th May Cambridge
  • 11th June Cambridge
  • 2nd July Cambridge
  • 5th & 6th August Men Nationals
  • 19th & 20th August Women & junior nationals
  • 3rd September Cambridge
  • 1st October Cambridge

2016 - Racing

Revivals Race team from Braintree travelled to Blyton Park Race circuit near Gainsborough at the weekend for Round 1 of the BTRDA Rally cross Championship.

Father & Daughter Richard & Shelley Wakeling were both competing in their Revivals prepared 1300 Classic Minis. The pair both had cracking first heats with a 2nd from Shelley & Richard swapping the lead position several times with Edwardes Brother driver Thomas Edwardes. Richard took the chequered flag with Thomas chasing hard after him. Shelley & Richard were both in the same heat 2nd time around. Shelley made a superb start & was first to the corner, she had a great battle with fellow Edwardes Brother driver George Edwardes where they swapped the lead several times, George getting the best position, after lap 3, Richard then set upon shelley in the final lap, they had a fantastic last lap, Richard took the chequered flag in front of shelley, finishing with a 2nd & 3rd. Shelley had another 2nd in the final heat with Richard taking another win in his. These results qualified Richard off the 2nd row in the B final with Shelley off the 2nd row in the C final.

Shelley was out first, she made a blistering start beating the Mk2 escort & 2lt Vauxhal vectra off the start line, she charged after 432 Thomas Edwardes giving him a good run for his money, the Vectra having the legs on the mini down the straight took the 2nd away from Shelley finishing in a creditable 3rd position & 4th overall in the Minicross series.

The lights blinked for Richard, he stormed the start & made the first corner at the front, being chased by fellow mini George Edwardes & two Peugeot 205’s. Richard had a fantastic first lap, the first 4 charged round into the 3rd lap, Richard got a slight nudge from the back unsettling the mini at 80mph, he went into a spin & ended up at the back. Still not defeated he got his mini going again & charged after the pack managing to get on terms with the 5th place mini of Thomas Edwardes. Edwardes made s light mistake on the last turn & Richard took his chance crossing the finish line in 5th place & 2nd overall all in the Minicross series.

Fantastic result for their first outing. Rounds 2 & 3 are at Pembrey circuit in April 16th & 17th.

2015 - Racing

The Revivals race team has a quiet year, with two new arrivals being born into the camp in 2014, keeping everybody busy.

Team boss Richard has been competing in his mini in the 2015 Minicross Drivers Association Sprint Championship & a few rounds of the 2015 BTRDA Rallycross championship in the 'Classic Mini Championship'. Richard has topped the podium in the Sprint Championship taking the 2015 Sprint title.

Paul Wakeling has gone from Rallycross racing to Sprinting along with his father. Paul now competes in a 2014 Westfield with a wide body, 2.0 16v Vauxhall engine with approx 175bhp, throttle bodies, high flow exhaust, fully road legal, toyo proxes tyres, wide track front wishbones, adjustable coil over suspension, straight cut gearbox, imited slip diff, rear roll cage, aero screen, sump guard, discs all round with 4 pot front calipers. Paul now fills his time with sprinting & being a father to his little boy. He is hoping to add some BHP to his Westfield for 2016, he will then compete in varied sprinting events.

Shelley Wakeling has also added a new addition to the Revivals family, which meant she had to have a year out of racing. 2015 has seen her return to Rallycross in the Classic Mini, where she competed in the BTRDA Rallycross championship & the MDA Rallycross across the water in Holland Valkenswaard. Shelley has had a brilliant return to racing, with podium positions in all 6 events. With her last event maximizing in 4 straight wins! From this great record, shelley has taken the 2015 BTRDA Classic minicross Championship. The Revivals team will be hard at work over the winter rebuilding her championship winning Honda Civic. Shelley can not wait for the Civic to be finished so she can get back to the Championships & start challenging again.

Mark Day is still competing in the National Auto Grass championship at St.Neots & Cambridge Autograss events. He is still fine tuning his class 5 Mini, with the hope to compete fully in the 2016 National Autograss Championship. There will be a few extras added to the Class 5. watch this space.

February 28th saw Richard & Shelley Wakeling at Blyton Race Park giving their minis a shake down for the start of the season on March 13th.

Mark Day started 2016 off with a rather rusty mini shell. The revamp on the shell is now starting to take shape. Please see pictures below



After a few winter builds for the Revivals team, team Boss Richard & Shelley Wakeling along with Wayne Bluett are hoping to compete in the Clubmans rallycross events & MDA Sprint Championship. Mark Day will also be competing in the Cambridge/St.Neots Autograss events.

2013 Summed up

Last year was more of a quiet year for the Revivals team in comparison with previous years.

Paul Wakeling MG

Paul Wakeling started the year well having brilliant results in the British Rallycross events, but unfortunately a poorly laid track took its toll on the car resulting in the propshaft snapping & pole-vaulting the MG, the car wasn’t really designed for this & that put an end to Paul’s season. There are now plans being put in place to decide what the future will hold for the MG.

Shelley Wakeling had a non start to her Rallycross

Shelley Wakeling had a non start to her Rallycross year as her Honda civic is still undergoing modifications, the team are hoping to have the car ready for the middle to end of 2014 so she can have a shake down at a couple of the MDA/BTRDA Rallycross events. There are also some MDA run Sprints being held in 2014 which should prove a good test for the car also.

Richard Wakeling had great success with his 469 Minicross car. He competed with Wayne Bluett sharing the car in the Sprint Challenge at Blyton Park run by the Minicross Drivers Association. Wayne had a brilliant first season & finished runner up in the championship. Richard unfortunately missed a round allowing him only 3rd overall in the championship. 469 is now having a winter rebuild which should see them ready for the 2014 Sprint Championship starting in April. The calendar will follow.

Minicross adventure

Richard also had great success again over seas. The team ventured over to Belgium & Holland for their annual Minicross adventure. Shelley managed to borrow Edwardes Brothers (Kent) spare minicross car 432. The final in Holland was a great battle between father & daughter with father pipping Shelley to the post. Belgium was a slightly different story with Richard battling away with Edwardes Brothers top man George Edwardes in 3x time’s championship winning minicross car 459. It was a brilliant battle to the chequered flag with George taking the top spot & Richard close behind in 2nd. Shelley had a great race with Todd Crooks & took 4th overall.

Team bosses 60th Birthdays

We also celebrated Team bosses 60th Birthdays Richard & Sonja Wakeling whilst we were having fun abroad.

Veltman Racing at the Deutch version of the Autosprot show

The team also got asked to demonstrate the minis by Veltman Racing at the Deutch version of the Autosprot show at the end of the year. It was a fantastic experience & brilliantly run by Veltman Racing with Shelley Wakeling & Mark Day representing the Revivals Crew & George Edwardes from Edwardes Racing. The Minicross Drivers Association were well represented with Vice Chairman Mark O’Flanagan also there with his 480 mini & true performer Ian Clark keeping the audience on their toes as to which way he would go next! There were a few repairs made to the cars but it was all in the name of fun!!

Mark Day had a good year in the Autograss events

Mark Day had a good year in the Autograss events with an outing to a very wet Mens Nationals held in Wales. He finished 2nd overall behind fellow friend Ken Smith who has won the championship for the 2nd year running.

Eurocircuit in Valkenwaard Holland & then on to Maaschelen in Belgium

Revivals Race team sailed across the water for consecutive weekends first at the Eurocircuit in Valkenwaard Holland & then on to Maaschelen in Belgium for their annual European Championship. The team consisting of Richard Wakeling & daughter Shelley were also joined by George Edwardes of Edwardes Brothers of Kent. The team had got ready 3 of the classic Minicross cars.

Richard had 3 fantastic heats in Holland, cleaning up in all of them qualifying him on pole position for the final. George’s day unfortunately got cut short with the crankshaft breaking after a superb heat 1 where he finished 3rd. Shelley’s return to minicross after 6 years was like a duck returning to water she also had 3 great heats & qualified on the front row with her dad in the 3rd spot. The lights flashed & both Wakelings charged down to the first corner with Shelley just nipping in to the lead with Richard hot on her heels. Richard took his joker lap early leaving shelley to do hers on the last lap, which unfortunately for shelley wasn’t the right move & as she exited the joker lap Richard was just whizzing round the corner & just pipped her to the chequered flag which was waved on the next corner!! A great race for the Team with the father daughter duo taking the top two spots!

Shelley flew home after the final & missed the presentation but Rachel Treacy stepped in to take the trophy.

The next week was a bit fraught, whilst the team were trying to organise parts for team member George Edwardes. Luckily all parts were available leaving it to Shelley, Mark Day & Wayne Bluett to bring them out in their hand luggage ready for fitting before the next event in Belgium.

A few days before the event the engine was out & stripped into bits ready for the new parts. Just hours before practise on the Saturday George was running the car in making sure everything was ok. Then practise begun, all three had a good practise leading them straight into the heats. George showed the guys (&girls) that he was back by qualifying on pole for the final, Richard qualified 2nd with Shelley in 4th position on the grid. The lights came on & Richard & George had a fantastic race swapping places through the joker but George managed to get the better of the team manager & took the chequered flag. Shelley had a great final but couldn’t improve on the 4th position.


Revivals race team had solid results from St.Neots Autograss event at the weekend

Mark Day was debuting his newly built Class 5 Mini with the 1400 Vauxhall engine in the back. Mark had two good heats getting to grips with his car and by the final he was flying round but an unfortunate spin on lap 3 saw him loose ground on the leaders, he charged back after them but he was happy with the last slot on the podium and although he had a few teething problems, he is hoping to get those ironed out by the next autograss event in two weeks at Cambridge.

St.Neots Autograss

Shelley Wakeling was out in the Class 14 Special again. She also had two good heats with some great racing with the other ladies finishing 2nd in both. Shelley made a storming start in the final as the bungee went up & raced down to the first corner, she charged after the first placed lady hot on her heels but made a mistake on lap 3, which left the door open for the 3rd placed Peugeot to nip through, shelley chased back after her looking for ways passed & then on the last lap she saw her opportunity & passed her into the corner, securing her 2nd place to the chequered flag.

The Autograss scene is all new to Shelley who originally comes from over 10years of Rallycross racing, but she now has her sights set on the ‘Ladies & Juniors National Championships which are to be held at St.Neots in September. Auto grassing is just amazing fun & such great value for money; it gives you so much time & practice in the cars.

Revivals Race team had fantastic results this weekend, in both ‘sprint events’ and ‘auto grass’ Events

Richard & Paul Wakeling along with Todd Crooks & the team’s mechanic Wayne Bluett were all competing at a Minicross Drivers Association Sprint at Blyton Park Race Centre in Lincolnshire. Richard & Wayne were sharing Richards’s trusty steed the blue, green & white Classic Mini. Paul was using his MG ZS & Todd Crooks was using the Revivals built BMW super charged mi ni.

Wayne Bluett


Wayne got faster & faster throughout the day knocking a whopping 10 seconds off his first time, finishing him 3rd overall in his class, such an amazing achievement as this was his first ever sprint event. Richard gelled back into his mini from being out of it for over 6 months and managed to put in some superbly clean & tidy runs putting him at the top of the pack & taking the win in that class.

Paul had some cracking runs & knocked over 2seconds off his first timed runs, this made him 3rd overall but he finished top of his class taking the win!!

Todd Crooks was out for his second time in the super charged BMW Mini, after stepping up from his classic mini last year. He drove brilliantly putting in some smooth runs, which meant he also won his class.

Linda Smith Class 5 Metro

Cambridge Autograss event

Shelley Wakeling & Mark Day stayed a bit closer to home where they were competing at the Cambridge Autograss event. Shelley was in a Class 14 Special with a 2.0ltr red top engine & Mark was racing in a Class 5 Metro with a 1400 8v lump kindly lent to him by Ken & Linda Smith. Mark had two mixed heats, but he pulled out all the stops in the final, catching and passing the leader he then went on to take the chequered flag. Mark is hoping to get his car finished for the next event at St.Neots in three weeks time. Shelley had two good heats, she made a shocking start in the final but managed to catch & pass two cars on the first corner, where she then went on to catch the 2nd placed driver. She passed her but couldn’t get close enough to the leader. Shelley ended up 2nd overall but taking her Class win!

British Rallycross first round at Lydden Hill in Kent

Revivals had a busy weekend last week. Paul Wakeling was competing in the British Rallycross first round at Lydden Hill in Kent and Shelley Wakeling was appearing with Guiness World Record holder Terry Grant in his stunt show at Santa Pods Fast Show.

Paul had a very successful weekend with 3 great heats qualifying him 5th for the final. He made a blistering start, straight into his joker lap & straight up into 4th position which he held onto until the chequered flag. A very positive start to his season. Round two is at Mallory Park on the 14th April.

Shelley also had a great weekend although it was very wet. Terry Grant taught her & fellow Stunt driver Emma Cox a few new tricks, which were great fun in the rain, however a lot more tricky to get precise. the crowd still came to watch although the heavens opened and TG’s stunt girls were very well received.

Shelley’s next show is a few months away, but hopefully between now & then a few more tricks will be learnt!

2013 British Rallycross Calendar:

  1. March 17th - Lydden HIll
  2. April 14th - Mallory Park
  3. May 12th - Knockhill
  4. June 2nd - Mallory Park
  5. July 21st - Belgium
  6. August 25th & 26th - Lydden Hill
  7. September 29th - Pembrey
  8. October 19th - Croft
  9. October 20th Rallycross Grand Prix - Croft

Revivals Shelley Wakeling at the Stunt show

Revivals Shelley Wakeling & her driving stunt partner Emma Cox successfully appeared in the Terry Grant Stunt show last week which was a tribute to 50 years of James Bond at the NEC Autosport show Live Arena. The shows were very well received by the public, Press & Media. Every body was very impressed that two ladies had been taught such great tricks by Terry Grant in a short space of time & they were dressed in evening gowns!!

NEC Autosport show Live Arena

Stunt show at the Autosport International NEC

50 years of James Bond at the NEC Autosport show Live Arena

Shelley Wakeling at NEC Autosport show Live Arena

Shelley also got to drive a brand new Aston Martin Vanquish for the parade of ‘Best of British’ part of the live show.

Stunt show at the Autosport International NEC

REVIVALS Shelley Wakeling will be taking part in the legendary Guinness World Record stunt driver Terry Grant’s Stunt show at the Autosport International NEC, this week from the 10-13 January. Shelley was asked back in December if she would like to take part in the show & grabbed the opportunity with both hands. She is travelling up tomorrow (9th) to have a days practise in the ‘Live action Arena’. She then has one show Thursday & Friday for the trade public & 5-6 shows Saturday & Sunday for general public.

There will be pictures & follow up report to follow.

Another setback for Shelley

Unfortunately after the last round at Pembrey, Shelley’s Honda civic Type R had a broken diff. this has unfortunately caused a premature end to Shelley’s 2012 season.

Shelley’s Honda civic Type R had a broken diff

There will be some developments to the Honda & MG ZS over the winter period to bring them up to top spec for the 2013 British Super National Rallycross season. Watch this space……….

Revivals Race team took the long haul to Pembrey Race Circuit in South Wales

The team had a full compliment of drivers, with Team boss Richard looking to secure his 3rd Championship title in the Edwardes Brothers Minicross Championship. Richard had three cracking heats, which secured his front row start for the A Final. The lights flashed & although his start wasn’t as lightening as usual he still managed 3rd to the first corner. Richard gave chase for all 4 laps but couldn’t quite make a move on 2nd placed Todd Crooks who drove a brilliant final. Richard took the chequered flag in 3rd which secured his championship win!! Richard is now the only driver to take the HATRICK of Championship Wins in the history of Minicross!!

Pembrey Race Circuit in South Wales

Revivals Race team at Pembrey Race Circuit

Richard on Podium

Richard gets 3rd

After Shelley’s accident at the last round with the car straightened out she managed her best result to date, 5th in the British Super National class. This now puts her joint 5th in the championship with one round to go.

Paul didn’t have such a good day, after the gearbox in the MG expiring after heat one. This finished Pauls day early.

Revivals also look after Edwardes Brothers Race Team, Tommi Edwardes & Mark Day who compete against Richard in the Minicross Class & George Edwardes who has a BMW mini in the MSA BMW Mini championship.

Tommi took the win at Pembrey securing his 3rd place overall in the Edwardes Brothers Minicross Championship.

George although suffering a lot of body damage took a well earned 4th place overall, keeping him 2nd overall in the Championship with one round to go!!

Mark Day was plagued with mechanical problems all day, but finished a well earned 5th.

Next and final round is at Croft on the 27th October.

Shelley's Honda gets new paint scheme

Shelley's Honda Civic Type R launched in new paint scheme, designed & painted by Revivals & Mark Day.

Revivals Honda Civic gets a paint job

Shelley's Honda Civic Type R launched in new paint scheme

Pembrey RallyCross this weekend!!

Full Compliment of Revivals Race Team:

  • Paul Wakeling 77 - MG ZS Super National - currently 3rd overall in the British Championship
  • Richard Wakeling 469 - Rover Mini - Currently leading going into the Final Round of the Edwardes Brothers Minicross Championship!!
  • Shelley GaryGirl Wakeling 59 - Honda Civic Type R - Rebuilt after roll at last round Lydden Hill - Currently 9th overall in the British Championship.

Revivals Rolling Road/Race Team will also be supporting Edwardes Brothers Race Team:

  • George Edwardes 37 - BMW Mini - Currently 2nd in the BMW Rallycross Championship
  • Tom Edwardes 459 - Rover Mini - Currently 3rd over all in the Edwardes Brothers Minicross Championship & finally New Comer to the Minicross Championship - Mark Day 432 - Rover Mini, who drove a fantastic first Race at the last meeting Mallory Park finishing 4th!!

Major repairs Shelley’s Honda Civic

Shelley’s Honda Civic has gone under major repair after her roll at the last meeting Lydden Hill. It started off as a cabriolet & then a roof was found from a donor car. There was then a lot of fixing, welding & repairing to get it to a state where it could be repainted. It is nearly there with only two days to go until Round 5.

Shelley’s Honda Civic has gone under major repair

A lot of fixing, welding & repairing

Shelley’s Honda Civic gets a respray

Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Kent, Round 4 of the British Rallycross Championship

Revivals Race Team set off for Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Kent at the weekend for Round 4 of the British Rallycross Championship. Paul Wakeling was hoping to improve on his overall 4th place in the British standings after a smashing podium finish at last round Mallory Park. Shelley Wakeling missed the last round but her Honda was now all finished with a newly fitted super charger, she couldn’t wait to get out in it.

Revivals Race Team at Lydden Hill Race Circuit

Paul had three cracking heats, setting fastest lap in heat 3, he was absolutely storming!! Shelley was also setting some blistering times smashing her previous best times done at Lydden Hill & putting her in the top 6 qualifiers overall.

Paul qualified in 2nd place for the final slotting into the middle position on the front row of the grid. Shelley had a slightly different end to her 3rd heat. The lights flashed & she was off straight into her joker lap, she came out in 4th right behind the 3rd placed Toyota MR2, she had 2 flying laps & was up into 2nd position, just as she entered Chessons drift on the final lap the 1st placed Volvo was doing his joker & it was going to be tight to beat him through. He exited just before her but she was right on his tail, she charged down to devils elbow right on him when she received a slight nudge from behind, collecting the curbs & putting her up on two wheels, the next moment she was over, the car rolled twice before landing on the passenger door. Shelley was ok & indicated by trying to climb out through the driver’s door. The car unfortunately slightly worse for wear but after inspection looked worse than first thought.

Shelley rolls her mini

Shelley rolls her mini

Shelley rolls her mini

Shelley rolls her mini

Shelley rolls her mini

Shelley rolls her mini

Shelley rolls her mini

Shelley rolls her mini

Paul had a brilliant final, the 5 second board was shown, the lights flashed & he charged onto Chessons drift into 2nd position. He took his joker lap perfectly, but lost one place sliding back into 4th; however he knew he could catch the 3rd placed lotus. He seized his opportunity as they charged round Devils elbow for one last time, he got a brilliant run out of the corner & stormed passed the Lotus taking 3rd place & the chequered flag.

Paul has now jumped up to 3rd place in the British standings with two rounds to go. Round 5 is at Pembrey Race Circuit in South Wales.

New product for sale - Onedrywash

Revivals are please to announce a new product they will be selling from today called ‘Onedrywash’.

New product - onedrywash

New product - onedrywash in action

New product - onedrywash does the job

onedrywash result

Richard extends his lead at Mallory Park in Leicester

Richard Wakeling took his REVIVALS Rallycross team to Mallory Park in Leicester at the weekend. Unfortunately the teams Honda Civic driven by Shelley Wakeling which is being up rated with a super charger wasn’t ready but they were well represented with Richard in his 469 mini & Paul Wakeling in the Rear wheel drive Mercedes engine MG ZS. The team were also supporting three other drivers. Tommi Edwardes and Mark Day both competing against Richard in the Minicross Championship & George Edwardes in the BMW Mini Rallycross Championship.

Richard extends his lead at Mallory Park in Leicester

It looked as though last years Minicross ChampionTommi Edwardes might finally have got the measure of class specialist Richard Wakeling after he took the two fastest times to Richard’s one and qualifying him on pole for the final. The two made stunning starts and ran side-by-side through the first bend where Richard managed to get ahead. From there on it was nip and tuck, but the young challenger could not unseat the master and Richard took a brilliant victory. This firmly sits Richard at the top of the score board with only one more round to go which will count for double points. This was Mark Days first outing in Rallycross courtesy of Jonothan Edwardes of Edwardes Brothers Ltd in Kent. Mark had three superb heats having a minor scrap with the barrier in the one of them but he qualified 5th for the final. He was on the pace of the leaders and decided on the final lap to make a move on 4th placed Mark O’Flanagan who just left enough space for Day to squeeze through!! 4th place for his first Rallycross, Brilliant result!!

Mallory Park in Leicester

Racing at Mallory Park in Leicester

Revivals at Mallory Park in Leicester

Paul Wakeling’s front row in the first heat saw him have a great tousle for 2nd & 3rd positions with the rear wheel drive Renault Clio of Jamie Bird. Jamie made one last attempt on the last lap & just managed to beat the MG to the final corner placing Paul 3rd at the chequered flag. An unfortunate accident in the 3rd heat saw Paul having to retire early with sever front end damage. As ever the Revivals Race team got Paul out just in the nick of time for the Final where Paul gridded up in 5th position. He made a brilliant start & was already up into 4th position. He was all over the 3rd placed Vauxhall Astra of Gary Dixon looking for his chance to pass and then out of know where the 2nd placed Toyota MR2 over cooked the final bend. Wakeling & Dixon shot passed securing both podium positions. Paul is now 4th in the MSA British Rallycross Championship.

Paul Wakeling 3rd at Mallory Park in Leicester

Next Round for Paul & Shelley will be on August Bank Holiday Monday where Shelley is hoping to test out her super charged Honda civic & Paul will be hoping to improve on his overall position.

More Success for Revivals Team Boss!!

Revivals Team boss Richard had his annual trip across the water. First weekend was in Maasmechlen in Belgium & then on to Valkenswaard Euro Circuit in Holland. This is the social event in the calendar for the Minicross Club but a great way of keeping your hand in racing ready for the next Championship round. Revivals Rolling Road set up 7 of the 8 car Minicross field which meant result wise they were on to a win win situation although Richard Wakeling being Team boss of Revivals really wanted to take the wins!

Richard had three brilliant heats in Belgium. He won the first & came 2nd in both other heats, this qualified him on pole for the final. The lights blinked & Richard made his usual lightening start. He was first to the corner & led until he dived into his joker lap on the 4th lap. He charged through as fast as he could but just as he was exiting the 489 mini of Ben Clark just nipped in front, Richard was hot on his heels. Just as they started their final lap, Ben dived in for his joker lap and there was no way he was going to get through in enough time to beat the speed of Richard. Richard took the chequered flag & top spot on the podium.

Next weekend & on to Valkenswaard where Richard wanted to keep to his winning ways. He was made to work a little harder this time with three consecutive 3rd places in his heats. This qualified him 4th on the 2nd row which gave him a little more of a challenge. Revving engines the lights were on, Richard stormed off the line and straight up into 3rd position. He charged after 2nd placed mini 491 of John Thacker, he made a fantastic move on John in the first lap & was now up into 2nd. Just one more place to go, he was hot on the heels of mini 432 of George Edwardes. Richard took his joker lap on the 4th lap again & again he came out behind 489 Ben Clark. George was still leading but hadn’t yet taken his joker lap. Last lap he dived in for the last time but just didn’t have the space. Both Ben & Richard stormed through, Ben taking the win with Richard closely behind & George taking the final podium spot.

Fantastic build up to next Round 5 of the Minicross Championship which Richard is leading.

Revivals Race Team set off for Rounds 3 & 4 of the British Clubman/Minicross Championship at Nutts Corner Race Circuit in Belfast

Shelley’s Honda Civic is being fitted with a super charger but unfortunately the car wasn’t quite finished in time so she managed to share her dads blue, white & green Mini. She still raced in the ‘Super National’ class which is cars with engines 1300 and upwards, this was great fun in the mini.

British Clubman - Minicross Championship at Nutts Corner Race Circuit in Belfast

For Richard this was Rounds 3 & 4 of the British Clubman Championship and with his main rival not crossing the water this was a great opportunity for him to gain some extra championship points.

Shelley was out first, she blitzed away from the start line neck & neck with a two litre MG ZR, he had the inside line & just managed the lead as the flew onto the gravel section. Shelley chased after the leader and kept her 2nd place for the waving chequered flag. Heat 2 was a lot more eventful. The lights came on & she charged off the line beating both the BMW 328 & two litre Seat Ibiza to the corner but the BMW didn’t slow for the corner & used Shelley’s mini as a brake, spinning her side ways, Shelley caught the car & floored it, she drove straight up the inside of the BMW & still got to the corner first!! She charged round but couldn’t hold the power of the 2.8 BMW who drove passed her along the straight. The next lap she was still chasing in 2nd position when a smash from the seat Ibiza behind her sent her straight into the Armco. Unfortunately the mini was very bent & both Richard & Shelley missed their next heat. However the brilliance of the team & friends pulling together managed to get the mini out for the finals.

Revivals Race Team set off for Rounds 3 and 4

Shelley had qualified 5th for the final off the 2nd row of the grid. The lights went out & the mini blasted passed the 3rd placed BMW. Shelley charged into the corner hotly pursuited by the BMW, she managed to hold him off for 2 laps before he got close enough to use his power to pass her on the straight. Brilliant race & a 4th position for the little mini.

Richard had a great day as well, although missing his 3rd heat, due to Shelley’s 2nd heat incident. He won his first race, 2nd in the next, qualifying him on pole position for the final. The lights went out & the charged to the first corner he slotted into 2nd position, he chased after the leader looking for every gap & opportunity but with the Irish track being small & tight there weren’t many over taking opportunities, the chequered flag came to soon & he took the 2nd podium position.

British Clubman - Minicross Championship 2012

Sunday was just as exciting, Shelley was against the bigger cars again, she had three cracking heats qualifying her 3rd off the front row of the grid. The lights went out & she charged down to the first corner, she took the loose section in 2nd place closely followed by the 2ltr Seat Ibiza, all of a sudden as she reached the right hand bend taking her on to the back straight the mini just under steered straight on, the seat Ibiza who was hot on her heels also spun, that was the end of the race for the little mini as it came to a holt in the gravel. The race got red flagged & it came to light that the BMW in 2nd place had smashed his sump and spread a mass of oil on the corner and back straight causing both the mini & seat to come to a holt. The race got rerun but unfortunately for Shelley the mini had to be straightened before it could rerun. That was the end of the day for Shelley and although it wasn’t the result she wanted it was still a brilliant weekends racing.

Richards racing wasn’t quite as eventful as Shelley’s, but he still had three cracking heats posting some very quick times!! He qualified on pole for the final & shot off the line like a bullet when the lights came on. The others gave chase but Richard drove a brilliant race & lead from start to finish. With a second position on the Sunday & win on the Monday Richard is now leading the Minicross championship.

Nutts Corner Race Circuit in Belfast

Round 2 of the British Rallycross Championship, Knockhill, Scotland

Revivals Race Team, headed north for Round 2 of the British Rallycross Championship to Knockhill Race circuit in Scotland. The team had a full compliment of drivers with all three Wakeling’s racing.

There was a little bit of drama on the way up, with the teams race Lorry breaking down, running a big end. The team were so THANKFUL to their fellow racers, THAT A HUGE THANK YOU HAS TO GO OUT TO DAVE BELLERBY, KEVIN PROCTOR OF PROCTORS COACHES, MARK GRIFFIN, IAN CLARK, MARTIN KNOWLES & JOHN THACKER for their help. The support from those guys was just BRILLIANT, that is what team spirit is all about!!

British Rallycross Championship to Knockhill Race circuit in Scotland

The team eventually arrived at Knockhill Race Circuit around 2am, luckily racing didn’t start until 11 the next day so we had a good nights sleep.

We woke up on the Saturday to a sunny Scotland. Paul’s MG loved the circuit it was brilliant for the power of the 3.2ltr Super Charged car, he had three cracking heats qualifying him 5th for the A Final & off the 2nd row.

Shelley’s Honda was great on the loose but lost out to the more powerful cars down the straight, she still had great results in her three heats & qualified 7th for the A Final off the back row. The five second board was shown & the cars revved as they were held on their limiters, the lights came on, tyres gripped & the cars shot off the line. Paul got completely boxed in off the start&was held back to 8th, Shelley managed to squeeze round the inside corner & was up into 7th. Shelley charged down the loose section hot on the heels of 6th place Vauxhall Corsa, he dived into his joker lap so Shelley was then up into 5th & Paul 6th, Paul shot passed Shelley down the straight & was then up in to 5th. The pair then both took their joker on the next lap which then meant the Vauxhall regained his place, but Paul exited just behind him racing down to the line, neck & neck to the chequered flag but the Vauxhall just piped him at the line, Shelley followed closely behind.

Richard had a mixed grid of cars as the Minicross was combined with the stock-hatch. This meant he was racing against cars with 1600 engines, however this didn’t phase Richard. He had three brilliant heats winning one & finishing 2nd in the other two, this meant he qualified 2nd for the final taking the middle spot on the front row of the grid. The cars revved as the 5 second board was shown, as the lights flashed they were off, Richard made a blinding start. He lead to the joker lap where he dived in & then came out 3rd. He chased hard after the front two, passing the other mini of Thomas Edwardes. He charged after the leading citreon Saxo but the flag was waved & he took the 2nd spot on the podium. Brilliant result winning the minicross & finishing 2nd overall wasn’t a bad days racing.

Next round for the Minicross Championship is in Northern Ireland in a couple of weeks time. For Paul & Shelley’s British Championship they will be waiting until the end of July where they head off to Mallory Park in Leicester.

Shelley on BBC Radio Cambridge

Shelley was asked by Liz Rhodes of BBC Radio Cambridge to come in for an Interview to discus her day with Top Gear Team & her intentions for the up & coming Race season. The interview took place on Friday 16th March at 1020am, please click on the link below to have a listen: -

Listen to Shelley on BBC Radio Cambridge

Shelley AKA Gary the Girl appears on Top Gear

Shelley (AKA Gary the Girl) had an amazing opportunity a few weeks ago when she got asked to take part in a Top Gear special at Lydden Hill Race circuit near Dover. She went back to her roots and drove her ‘Two time Championship winning mini 459’ kindly lent to her by now owner Jonothan Edwardes of Edwardes Brothers Ltd in Kent.

Shelley AKA Gary the Girl appears on Top Gear

Richard Hammond

Top Gear were doing a ‘special’ on Rallycross and how you can go Motorsport racing cheaper than you can play golf!! Shelley got asked along with 16 other Rallycross drivers to take part in a demonstration day. It consisted of a normal ‘race day’, starting off with a drivers briefing, practise two heats & a final.

Shelley racing her ex 1300 mini was competing in the Stockhatch formula consisting of 1600 hot hatch cars against Richard Hammond, who had built a Citroen Saxo.

Revivals in Top Gear

It was a brilliant day, Shelley’s first heat saw her crossing the line in 2nd just in front of Richard Hammond in his Citroen Saxo. The 2nd heat she had such a blistering race. She was off the 2nd row of the grid, with Richard Hammond off pole, Tommi Edwardes in his brothers BMW mini in the middle grid position & Thomas Weilgoz off the left hand side. The lights went out & she made a lightening start, she passed the BMW & saxo straight into the first corner. She came to Chessons Drift side by side with Thomas & from then on they battled side by side door handle to door handle throughout the whole 3 laps!! They swapped places numerous times it was fantastic racing!!! Shelley kept an eye on her mirror because she knew Hammond was there & might have dived through at any time. Shelley took the chequered flag in a very close 2nd position with Hammond in 3rd. The final was a great mash up, surrounding her on the grid were a 2litre Seat Ibiza’s & Astra’s with a turbo charged MR2 behind her she had her work cut out. The lights went out & she raced into the first corner, there was carnage in front of her as the bigger cars all got a little tangled entering the corner together, she kept it wide in the mini to avoid any damage. She was in 6th position hot on the heels of the seat Ibiza, she kept on his bumper but didn’t quite have the legs to make any moves. She crossed the line in 6th elated with her days racing.

Top Gear

A MASSIVE THANK YOU has to go to Firstly Jonothan & Tommi Edwardes for letting me borrow the demon 459, the organisers at LHMC, her fellow racers & of course Top Gear for putting on such a great day!!

For 2012 Shelley is making an assault on the British Rally Championship in her Honda Civic, the Revivals Team are making some modifications to the Honda to make it even faster. Shelley is raring to go after her success on top gear. The first round is in two weeks time on the 24th March at Lydden Hill Race Circuit which was featured on BBC2.

Revivals wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the continued support their customers have shown over the passed 21 years

Well it looks like its going to be another busy year in the world of Rallycross for the Revivals Race Team. Paul & Shelley will be competing in the 2012 British Super National Class, which there will be six rounds held all over great Britain (see Motorsport page for full list of dates) Father Richard Wakeling will be out in his newly painted 469 Mini cross car in the 2012 Edwardes Brothers Minicross Championship.

The dates are set for the British and the Clubmans are just awaiting for some final destinations. The teams are adding some more modifications to Paul’s MG before the season starts at the end of March. Each round in 2011 proved to be crucial in the development of the specially built MG.

Furthernews about the rest of the teams plans will appear here online shortly.

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