Revivals Garage rolling road4wd and 2wd Rolling Road

Revivals 4wd & 2wd Rolling Road

At Revivals Garage, our rolling road can cater for super cars to historic cars & everything in-between including the following:

Power Runs

A Power Run is a simple test which shows the BHP and torque that your car is producing at the wheels. We can also approximate the power at the flywheel. It takes between 45 - 60 minutes; price to be set dependant on engine size, age & make of car, a discount can be put in place for a group of cars above 11 in one session. The larger powered/race cars may require extra time to set up on the rollers - this may incur a slightly higher cost.

You will have two or three runs on the rollers to make sure that we get a fair reading of what the car is producing and that there are no abnormal results.

We record the following results for each car run:

  • 1) Bhp at the wheels
  • 2) Torque at the wheels
  • 3) Bhp at the flywheel
  • 4) Torque at the flywheel
  • 5) Boost pressure (forced induction only)
  • 6) Air / fuel mix.

The air fuel setting is taken from a wide band lambda sensor placed in the exhaust, which gives us both a clear idea of how your car is running on the rollers. It also enables us to stop the session if we think damage could be done by continuing.

Car Tuning

Revivals Garage offer Race Teams and Independent tuners a powerful facility capable of handling your development requirements. Our trained rolling road operator will be on hand to provide the necessary assistance while you set up and tune your vehicles. When you use our road to tune cars, our technician will operate the Dyno as you wish, so you can get the best results for your customers. They will also be able to monitor critical measurements from the running car and inform you of any changing conditions, ensuring the safety of your cars while being tuned. Please note that only our trained personnel may operate our Rolling Road. This is for safety reasons. Our road is available for bookings now. Discounts are available for heavy usage account holders.

Dyno Days

Revivals provide dyno days for everyone, from Car Club enthusiasts to groups of friends. This provides the opportunity to test their vehicles on the rolling road, with each vehicle tested, being provided with a print out of their torque and power outputs. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a day. Dyno days are available every day apart from Sundays. Discounts are available for groups over 11. Please email us or give us a ring to book a Dyno day. Email: or Telephone: 01763 208043.

Race Preparation

Not only can we set up your race car on the rolling road and get it running to the best of its ability, we also offer the facility to corner weight your car and four wheel align it so it's set up correctly. Please call Revivals on 01763 208043 for prices & bookings.

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